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Customized Facials

Customized Facials

Custom facials can address a wide range of needs, including premature ageing and environmental damage, acne flare-ups, and a dull and patchy complexion. Custom facials use products and techniques that are specifically tailored to your skincare concerns. Custom facials can address a wide range of issues, including premature ageing and environmental damage, acne flare-ups, and a dull and patchy complexion. When it comes to our skin, it can be difficult to face the facts. If your less-than-ideal complexion is causing you stress and you need a pick-me-up, you should think about scheduling a custom facial at your favourite spa.

Before we begin your treatment, we will consult with you to determine your skin type as well as any special needs or concerns, such as allergies or medications. Following that, we will talk with you about what you hope to accomplish during your session. This information is used to develop the best treatment for you, based on your specific needs.

Deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and a customised medical-grade treatment mask are all part of this customised facial treatment. After that, the treatment is finished with the application of specially selected serums, hydrators, and SPF.

You can add-on LED light therapy, High Frequency Facial and Hydrojelly Mask on any facial. You can go to its page to learn more about each of them.


It takes 1.5 hours for the appointment.


Customized Facial is $70 and up.
Classic Facial is $65.


We require a deposit of $50.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers on frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer, feel free to contact us via email or phone.

Some people notice results right away, and your skin should feel better right away. The skin feels clean, smooth, and hydrated, and it reflects a visible improvement in health.

If your skin has more advanced long-term needs, such as treatment of skin ageing, acne, or hyperpigmentation caused by hormonal fluctuations or sun damage, results may not be immediately visible; however, skin health will improve as you follow the advice provided by us and continue your home-care regimen.

During your facial, you should never feel irritated, or uncomfortable. Our product will be non-irritating, and we will use products that are appropriate for your skin type. If you experience any discomfort, please notify us immediately.

Everyone reacts differently but the most amazing thing about receiving a facial is that you leave the spa glowing, brighter and with refined skin – think of how you look after leaving the salon post blowout. However, if we are treating acne, then with extractions there could be some redness. During that treatment, we use a certified organic soothing mask that will reduce redness and puffiness within 5 minutes.

You most certainly can. Some people enjoy the post-facial glow and do not see the need to apply makeup, but your skin will continue to glow even if you apply makeup after your facial.

Plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early for your first appointment. You will be required to fill out a form that includes your contact information, allergies, and any medications you are currently taking. Then, using a magnifying lamp, your esthetician will evaluate your skin, ask you about your skin goals, and make recommendations for skincare products and treatments to help you achieve those goals. A facial typically includes cleansing, exfoliation, steam (via warm towels or a machine), and a treatment mask.