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Cosmetic Tattoo Removal

Cosmetic Tattoo Removal

This is a Technique used to lighten the cosmetic tattoo by using sterile saline solution into the skin to push the pigments back up to the surface if the skin. Benefits of this compared to laser removal is that this procedure is less invasive, less painful and does not damage the hair follicles.

The Tattoo Removal System works in the same way as the original tattoo removal procedure. A tattoo over procedure is used to apply the solution. Instead of injecting ink or pigment into the skin, the specially-formulated solution bonds with the original tattoo and draws the ink to the skin’s surface. The solution is injected into tissue in the same way that tattoo inks and permanent makeup pigments are injected into tissue using a tattoo or permanent make-up machine.

This treatment can be used on most areas of the body that have permanent make-up. Eyeline Tattoos are the only treatment area that must be avoided . Unlike laser, the treatment is not colour selective and is effective on all colour inks and pigments. Furthermore, the solution contains a scar-inhibiting product that aids in the reduction or prevention of scarring.


It takes 1 hour per session.


The price is $150/session.


We require a deposit of $50.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers on frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer, feel free to contact us via email or phone.

The most amazing aspect of this process is that you will be able to see the results in just a few days. Following treatment, the treated area must be kept dry for 48 hours, during which time a scab will form over the treated area. Parts of the tattoo will most likely be nearly completely erased after just the first treatment. Many tattoos require multiple treatments; however, the results are very impressive, and a tattoo can be completely removed in just a matter of months, as opposed to the lengthy period of time required to have a tattoo removed with a laser.

The procedure's pain level is considered mild to none. We will apply a topical anaesthetic to numb the area prior to the procedure.

Most people require three to ten treatments to completely remove their tattoos.
Most brow tattoos are small, and most small tattoos only require one minute of laser treatment per session. Having a tattoo removed is a much faster process than having one applied.
Laser tattoo removal can be used to remove an entire tattoo or a section of one. So, if your permanent makeup isn't in the right shape, you can remove just a portion of it to achieve the desired shape. You are not required to remove all of the ink.
Removing a section of a brow tattoo may only require three sessions.

Between treatments, avoid sun exposure or use a 20 percent zinc oxide physical block sunscreen. For the next 48 hours, avoid wearing make-up.

Cosmetic Tattoo Removal is not suitable for anyone who is/or:

  • Pregnant

  • Breastfeeding 

  • Using Accutane

  • Has heart conditions or using heart medications

  • Has diabetes (will require a physician's note)

  • Has skin disease or irritations 

  • Has had Botox in the last 2 weeks

  • Has gotten a deep tan or chemical peels in the last 2 weeks

  • Allergic to lidocaine, prilocaine, benzocaine, tetracaine or epinephrine

  • Suffering from serious health complications such as cancer, epilepsy, autoimmune disorders, circulatory disorders, any bleeding disorders.